MIM vacuum sintering furnace

Metal injection formation (metal powder injection molding (MIM) is the traditional powder metallurgy technology and plastic injection forming technology, the combination of a high and new technology it is the first choice to conform to the MIM. Requirements of metal powder and a binder and at a certain temperature by scientific method the powder and binder mixed into a homogeneous injection molding feedstock, after granulation and injection molding machine injection molding, or the forming also after degreasing sintering and densification of the final product.

The scope of application process

The automotive industry: the ignition control unit, turbo compressor rotor, engine parts, inductive components, automobile brake parts etc

Medical industry: dental brackets, implant device etc

The electronics industry: print head, computer connector, notebook computer parts, mobile phone parts, such as a disk drive

Daily necessities: watchcase, watchband, golf head, lock parts etc

Machinery industry: cutting tools, gear, etc

Hardware industry: pliers, wrenches, pneumatic tools etc

The advantages of MIM process

Parts can produce high precision three-dimensional complex shape.

The inner part of the workpiece is good in density, high in density, and can reach the theoretical density of more than 95%, which is easy to heat treatment, electroplating and so on.

The workpiece size accuracy can be up to plus or minus 0.3%

The internal structure of the workpiece is uniform, and there is no phenomenon of component segregation.

High production efficiency, can be carried out in large quantities of industrial production and a variety of small batch production

* New pipeline design, can improve the efficiency of skim.

Multi section heating device, to promote the partition of the binder, to achieve effective collection.

* Vacuum sintering furnace for heat preservation material, thermal field.

Control system, pneumatic actuator, a large number of imported parts and components.